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At The Wellness Co-Op, we recognize the mental tax paid daily by our military, first responders, and their families through constant exposure to trauma, stress, and compassion fatigue. We have intentionally combined a variety of activities and tools to maximize your relief while honoring your busy schedule.

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- Project Date:
June 2023
- Project Tasks:
Drone Photography, Interview Videos, Scripting, Editing, Slow-motion Video

Wellness Co-op Annual Archery Shoot - 2023

This has become a annual project for us. We set out to highlight the Wellness Co-op's day of raising money for metal health of military vets, first responders and their families. We shot a lot slow motion to show off the shoot and highlight the motion. And a quick interview to tell you what they are all about. We have both vertical and horizontal videos so they can use it on all of their social medias.

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