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Waunakee Community Cares Coalition
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Waunakee Community Cares Coalition?

At STRLGHT, we provide top-quality video production services, including expert cinematography, drone footage, and more. Our latest project involved creating a powerful video for the Waunakee Community Cares Coalition, showcasing the strength and resilience of its young people. Using our expertise in video production, we were able to deliver a high-quality and inspiring video that perfectly captured the spirit of this thriving community.

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- Project Date:
October 2022
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Directing, Producing, Drone Cinematography, Video Production, Editing, Color Grading

We Are Waunakee - Waunakee Community Cares Coalition

Our team at STRLGHT had the incredible opportunity to produce a high-energy and dynamic video for ESPN's Gameday Tailgate, utilizing our expertise in drone cinematography to capture the vibrant atmosphere of one of the most iconic college football events of the year. Our team highlighted the excitement of the event, featuring the energy and passion of fans, tailgaters, and ESPN personalities. With our state-of-the-art drone technology, we were able to capture unique and stunning aerial footage, resulting in a video that perfectly captured the spirit of the event. If you're looking for expert video production that incorporates cutting-edge drone cinematography, look no further than STRLGHT.

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