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The Eloise Venue


The Eloise is a year round wedding venue located in Mount Horeb, WI, just under 30 minutes from Madison. The venue sits along a picturesque forest and is the ideal landscape for outdoor ceremonies and pictures. You’ll love The Eloise if you are looking for a wedding venue that can be customized and tailored to your unique love story and style. The venue has a modern feel, simple elegant touches and all the romantic charm of the country that you want and need for a memorable celebration.

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- Project Date:
May 2020
- Project Tasks:
Video Production, Cinematography, Drone, Direction

The Beginning Of The Eloise Venue

We set out to show the very beginnings of the Eloise, this soon to be 3 part series, will show the start of the venue all the way to construction completion. From interviews to drone footage we wanted to show the venue in all of its glory.

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