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Established in 2002, Ridge Top Exteriors has a rich history of delivering top-tier exterior home improvement services. This family-owned company prides itself on its commitment to quality workmanship and ensuring homeowners' complete satisfaction. With expertise in roofing, siding, windows, and gutter solutions, Ridge Top Exteriors transforms properties, adding value and curb appeal. Their long-standing reputation for excellence, dependability, and professionalism sets them apart.

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- Project Date:
August 2023
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Directing, Producing, Drone Cinematography, Filming, Editing, Color Grading, Distribution

Testimonial Commercial - Q3 2023

STRGLHT is all about crafting captivating video stories, and our latest project, a TV commercial for Ridge Top Exteriors, is a testament to our commitment to engaging and authentic content. In this testimonial-style commercial, we let the voice of a satisfied Ridge Top Exteriors customer shine, sharing their personal journey with the company. With top-of-the-line cameras, we captured every nuance, infusing the video with genuine emotion and depth that resonates with viewers. This isn't your average sales pitch; it's a heartfelt endorsement of Ridge Top Exteriors' quality. Our unique blend of storytelling and high-quality production transforms a customer's narrative into a compelling TV commercial.

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