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The American Dream is a national TV show, and EMMY nominated production team. A real show, not a reality show featuring the best in real estate as THE VOICE for their markets. The show is on major cable networks, digital, and garnering tens of millions of views every month socially. The real estate professionals chosen to be on the cast benefit in the way of brand and consumer direct business referred from the show. This is a national network of elite professionals in real estate and mortgage.

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- Project Date:
February 2023
- Project Tasks:
Cinematography, Drone, Scripting, Set Design

TC Farber's - American Dream TV

We were the producers and cinematographers for the American Dream's episode about J. Henry & Sons with TC Farber. Located just outside of Madison WI is the beautiful farm owned by J. Henry a Bourbon creator. We shot the video for the episode then gets edited and distributed to view on cable tv! We are super thrilled with how the video turned out and excited to shoot the next one!

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